Is your restroom hurting your business?

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79% of americans reported having a bad restroom experience last year. 

A third will not return to those businesses.

Half of them will tell others.

46% of Americans will not visit a business based on bad restroom reviews.

When it comes to restrooms, perception is as important as reality. Little things, such as empty dispensers or overflowing garbage cans, have a huge impact on the customer experience even in sanitary and clean restrooms.

What bothers customers the most?

A recent survey revealed the factors associated with bad restroom experiences.

88% - Overflowing Garbage Cans

67% - Insufficient Toilet Paper

89% - Odors

80% - Empty Soap Dispensers


How does rollscout help?

RollScout is a suite of connected self-monitoring bathroom fixtures. Using our patented technologies, these devices monitor the condition of your restroom and alert custodians when anything needs attention.

You can install our fixtures with futuristic designs or if you prefer to keep your existing styles, we can retrofit most commercial bathroom fixtures.

how do i switch to rollscout?

It's surprisingly easy! Just contact us and we can work with you on an installation. Most installations can be done in a few hours.

RollScout devices are battery operated and do not need any major changes. RollScout base units need a power source and an open network port to connect to the RollScout Server.